Ncell Super Seller User Guideline

Ncell Super Seller User Guideline

August 9, 2019 News 0

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click on the URL given in the page Https://

Step 3 : Upon Clicking on the link log in Page will be open

Step 4 : If User is the new user then he/she has to register his enrolled MSIDN number.

Step 5 : Upon Clicking on “Click Here ” Registration page will be open and user need to put his/her enrolled MSISDN / VFT or Ncell Number and submit to register.


Note :

  1. If You entered number has been enrolled in super seller then he /she will recceive the sms with code number and can log in the page.
  2. If it has not been registered then error msg will be displayed.

Features in Portal

  • User can see all the campaign information and FAQS as well
  • User can see  break down of points earned by him and monthly points as well
  • After asoj user can claim the gift from the portal itself.
  • In gift section user can see the detail of its corresponding detail as per its category only.
  • For eg: if user is in platinum group then he can see the gift list of platinum only.